Glenn & his team did an amazing job. Our paint job was super last minute & a lot of work, these guys came in & for the job done in 2 & 1/2 days, working non stop & painted 6 rooms along with patching & touch ups. So pleased with them & their pricing. Will be using them again very soon! Read more
Vianca F. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Residential Painting

Maintaining a house can be a stressful experience. One should not have to worry about spending their precious free time sweating things like new paint jobs. New Haven Painters is there to help.

They employ local professional painters and take pride in selecting only the best painting contractors in New Haven and the surrounding areas. New Haven Painters realizes not all painting crews are created equal. They indeed are a cut above the rest.

Whether someone is interested in building an addition to their home, or just looking to spruce up an existing structure, New Haven Painters is a reliable and highly professional choice.

Interior Painting

Interior painting projects can be extremely time consuming and messy. In fact, without proper painting skills, more harm can be done than good. Sensitive surfaces may be painted over, causing irreversible damage, or a spill might forever tarnish someone’s original hardwood floors.

With this in mind, it is essential to leave the detailed work of interior painting to the professionals. New Haven Painters doesn’t cut any corners. They are professionals with a wide range of experience. No detail goes unnoticed, and they do professional work with a professional cleanup process.

Exterior Painting

There is nothing like that eye-popping image of a freshly-painted house. Ever hear that phrase “curb appeal”? Well, when that old paint begins to peel, crack, and fade over the years, it’s time to call a reliable New Haven painting company. It’s time to call New Haven Painters.

Whether it is a historic home in need of finely-detailed exterior trim painting or a family house in need of a fresh update, New Haven Painters is up for the task. Whether the project is on the exterior of a home, such as decks, window frames, or the entire house, their painting crew is highly skilled and qualified to do the job.

Cabinet Painting

New Haven Painters doesn’t just focus on big jobs like painting the exterior of a house. They understand the importance of interior details as well. Cabinet painting requires additional care and specialized training, and their crews have years of proven performance in the field.

Cabinetry is one of the centerpieces of the interior elements of a house, and painting cabinets should be left to the professionals. The team at New Haven Painters are experts in the art of detailed interior painting such as cabinets. They are experts at painting cabinets while preserving their beauty and artistry.

Commercial Painting

Everyone knows the feeling of going to a doctor’s office or a local store and spotting shabby walls and outdated colors. It does not induce the feeling of wanting to do business with that office.

A business’ brick-and-mortar structure is a billboard for their products and services, so the paint job is of great importance. New Haven Painters has worked with countless companies to update their interior and exterior paint. They use only the most advanced equipment and materials and guarantee a professional cleanup. Hire the best New Haven painting company today.