We just finished a project with New Haven Painters and we were thoroughly impressed with their professionalism. Glenn, the owner was extremely responsive, on-time and customer-oriented. They left the work area clean each and every day and were very willing to go the extra mile to complete the job th… Read more
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Residential Painting

New Haven Painters LCC is an industry leader in residential painting. They carefully select and vet all the painters they hire, and they have a reputation for bringing professionalism to every job.

Selecting new colors and textures can be one of the most enjoyable parts of the painting process. New Haven is there to implement their customers’ wishes accurately and efficiently. Many North Haven painting company crews are thrown together at the last minute, and a lot of them don’t take pride in their final product. This situation is not the case with New Haven Painters.

Interior Painting

A paint job is never done until the clean-up is complete. New Haven Painters sees the process through from the first brushstroke to the final sweep of the work area. When it comes to interior painting, attention to detail is critical. New Haven not only carefully and skillfully works inside, but they pay attention to how they leave their work area as well.

Nobody wants to spend their Saturday or Sunday going to the big home improvement store, figuring out all the supplies they need (and there’s quite a lot needed to do a good job), and trying to paint the interior of their home. No job is too small for New Haven Painters, so give them a call today.

Exterior Painting

New Haven works with only the most established painting contractors in the tri-state area. The outside of a home is essentially a giant advertisement for the people living within its walls, so that paint job should be sharp and fresh.

For people who take pride in the appearance of their home, updating the exterior siding, trim, and other surfaces is a great way to show it. New Haven crews work as diligently as possible, so as not to interrupt the day-to-day life of the family living within the house.

Cabinet Painting

There is no better way to transform cabinets from drab to fabulous than to have them painted by a professional North Haven painting company. Cabinets are often overlooked when it comes to interior painting, but they make a massive difference to the appearance of a kitchen or bathroom.

New Haven uses premium materials and paints to carry out its customers’ desired look for interior millwork. Maintaining a clean work area is a top priority, and clients don’t have to worry about any post-painting clean-up duties once the job is completed.

Commercial Painting

Many businesses want to improve their forward-facing appearance and improve morale with a new paint job. However, one’s business must go on as usual. The world is not going to come to a halt because a company is refreshing its paint, and New Haven is well aware of this.

Their crews work quietly, efficiently, and with a 100% professional demeanor at all times. Supervisors are trained to work with businesses to establish the times that work best for them. New Haven Painters will work around the company’s schedule, not the other way around. Hire the best North Haven commercial painting company today.